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Combining Six Lash Benefits in a Single Streamlined Tube

Achieving dream-worthy lashes often involves layering multiple mascara formulas for priming, curling, lengthening, volumizing, defining, and fortifying. But who has the time for that? What if you had ONE product that accomplishes all these tasks in just one application? Introducing: Monsia Lashes.

Monsia Lashes is...

Instant Results! Top without Monsia Lashes. Bottom with Monsia Lashes. *Results can and will vary.

We Love Monsia Lashes

“This is more than mascara. [My lashes] feel like they are repaired now…erasing years of damage from using other brands that contained harsh ingredients…” annette (56 y.o.)

Why Monsia Lashes?

Monsia Lashes: Elevate Your Look Instantly with Rich Black Pigment

Experience instant impact and dimension as our rich black pigment adds volume, length, and fullness to your eyes. Our potent blend of nourishing ingredients supports and hydrates lashes, resulting in a lasting, longer, denser, and thicker look.»

if you struggle with

Monsia Lashes was designed to give you

The Ultimate Luxury for Your Lashes

It doesn’t get any better than a treatment and cosmetic wrapped in one little tube. Packed with nourishing ingredients, this formula helps to protect and hydrate eyelashes while adding definition, length, curl, and volume that lasts long after you’ve taken it off.

Spend Less

Buying multiple lash products individually can easily cost over $200

Monsia Lashes offers six essential solutions for achieving healthy, long, and voluminous lashes. Experience instantly visible results and the dramatic fluttery lash effect, even when you’re not wearing it

Did you know lash extensions can cost over $200? Extensions can possibly result in severe allergic reactions, irritation, swelling, and expensive upkeep

The All Natural Secret Formula

Creating the perfect nourishing pair, Biotin supplies vital nutrients to every lash strand, promoting a denser appearance, while Keratin envelops lashes in a protective shield to reduce the risk of breakage.

This pro-vitamin works in tandem with our revolutionary brush, sealing in moisture with each stroke. Together, they create a curling effect that imparts just the right amount of lift to your lashes, resulting in a more striking appearance.

From root to tip, it offers support to enhance the appearance of thicker lashes and create a volumizing effect. Additionally, it forms a protective antioxidant film around your lashes while boosting hydration, resulting in a striking and visibly voluminous look.

Provides abundant hydration to ensure your lashes feel softer, healthier, and more robust. This added moisture works wonders in turning brittle lashes into longer, healthier ones, resulting in a clump-free finish.

Enables you to apply multiple layers of mascara, achieving a fuller, thicker look without worrying about smudging, clumping, or creating a spindly appearance.

Our triple-action brush is expertly designed to provide lift, length, and volume. The hourglass and helix comb shape evenly coats each strand with ultra-black pigment, resulting in a volumized and full-lash effect. Additionally, the outer curve of the brush aids in lifting your lashes for a stunning curl.

Monsia Lashes is also formulated without formaldehyde, sulfates, fragrance, parabens, titanium dioxide, phthalates, and PFAS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Loaded with lash-nourishing components, Monsia Lashes is free from any additives that are known to trigger irritation or infection. Unlike some other mascaras that can lead to redness or swelling around the eyes, customers with sensitivity will be pleased to discover that this mascara has been meticulously formulated with their needs in mind.

Monsia Lashes is not waterproof. Many waterproof formulas contain drying agents that can result in lash fallout, flaking, and smudging, often leading to the dreaded «raccoon» eyes. Moreover, removing waterproof mascara can potentially damage lash hairs. With Monsia Lashes, your lashes remain hydrated, and the removal process is notably gentler.

Monsia Lashes incorporates ingredients commonly found in many eyelash primers, such as Keratin and lengthening fibers. This means you can achieve the desired length and volume without the need for a separate primer. Additionally, this formula promotes a noticeable curl, allowing you to bypass the use of lash curlers that can potentially lead to breakage or lash fallout.

When used as directed, Monsia Lashes Volumizing Treatment is expected to last for 4-6 weeks.

Absolutely not. We are dedicated to maintaining our cruelty-free stance and will never conduct tests on animals for our products. This commitment also applies to any testing conducted by external companies that may produce specific ingredients for us.

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